Q. Who are Vacant Digital?

Consisting of a small group of industry professionals, Vacant Digital was founded to deliver premium website solutions at a realistic cost. We believe the internet is a great 'leveller'...allowing small business and enterprise to directly compete with the big guns.
With experience in over 120 professional website design and builds, experienced Agile Scrum and PRINCE2 methodologists, Vacant Digital have the knowledge to deliver your website and communications needs.

Q. How long does it take build the website and get it online?

We will have your website built and live on the internet within just 3 weeks of starting the project, but we can speed this up if its urgent.

Q. What if I need to close the website?

No problem, we can take the website down immediately and you will simply be charged the remaining costs for the year.
We will backup your entire website and keep this in case you wish to re-publish it at a later date.

Latest Technologies

Our current experience in the digital space means we are perfectly positioned, not only to help you build your website, but also to advise on the best platforms to help you better connect with your audience.


Our combined academic experience includes eBusiness graduates, qualified developers and talented creatives, as well as certifed project management experts (Agile & PRINCE2).

User Experience

Our websites are designed with you and your clients in mind. We create stylish and very functional websites to improve the experience for your visitor.


When your website goes live, we are always at hand to help you manage updates and provide flexibility with your account usage and email quotas - we understand that the requirements of your business can change in time.

Other stuff we do...


Please have a look at some of the micro-loans we have provided to small business people around the world, through Kiva.

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